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Donate to the Gematripedia by adding your Word or Phrase

Show your support for the Gematripedia online gematria encyclopedia and wiki. Adopt your favorite words or phrases to be added to the Gematripedia launching November 18, 2019 at 03:22AM UTC. Your adopted word or phrase's gematria will auto connect with the gematria of other words or phrases with the same gematria, and will show the patterns of similar words. Due to high rate of spammers, shill trolls, and paid agents attacking truth channels, we're forced to make the database entries internally. Finial version of Gematripedia again will be launched November 18, 2019. Include in your message your word or phrase and let us know if you would like a Sponsor Text Link to be added to your $1 Donation Adopted Page. We do not collect any personal information with your support donation, and we thank you in advance for your page adoption!

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