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Chigozie Truth

on 14 Sep 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Channel  Comments (0)

Chigozie Truth - YouTube is owned and operated by this filthy gang of Zionist Jews and Freemasons, more commonly know as your Federal Government. They are so salty and butthurt from me exposing their tyranny that they had to shut down my channel. This is my new one. I will touch every topic except for the false flag propaganda reported in the media which involve some 'victim' or other fictional entity who I may end up "harassing" of "offending." Yes, this is no different than getting banned for making a video insulting Harry Potter, Cloud Strife, and Goku. I also have to be careful exposing NASA propaganda. They took down the 'Exposing NASA' playlist on my music channel. Any blatant NASA propaganda I come across I will still expose.


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